Antiq radios Antique radio receivers The interest in the old tube radios not decreasing over the years, there are even projects for the production of vacuum-tube radios antique. This site dedicated to antiques radio. All content is designed primarily for amateurs, collectors and restorers, who are interested in antique radios, vacuum-tube technology.

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Here you will find detailed descriptions and photographs of old radios, TV, etc.
There is a special section devoted to old tubes, which are installed in the first vacuum tube radio receivers.
Perhaps the most interesting articles describing the restoration and recovery efficiency of rare specimens of equipment from 1930s - 1950s. Those years equipment usually has a very poor condition when the collector gets to. So, the accurate reconstruction is required.

Warning: This site contents tube designs require compliance with safety measures to avoid electric shock. Remember that the unit is in the presence of high voltage, hazardous to health. Even if you disable the device from the power supply some capacitors able to store a charge for a long time. Therefore, this materials are addressed to experienced hams, engineers and specialists of electronics.