Telefunken "Condor" 965WKTelefunken "Condor" 965WK

Existing my radio receiver is working, although the appearance of injuries. The unit has a few repairs, the fabric on the front panel has not survived, and it had to be replaced. There remained lower ledge decorative border, is well illustrated by the photo.

For comparison, appears photo of well preserved receiver with a "native" design the... read more >>

Shortwave Converter 1936Shortwave Converter 1936
In Russia 1930 - 1940 years shortwave converters were very popular in radio listeners and radio amateurs. Following the publication of structures converters demand for shortwave-parts have increased substantially, and most amateurs wanted to have the converter - a simple and cheap enclosure for the long-wave receiver, greatly expanding the number of radiostations and allows reception of distant radiostations... read more >>

Philco radio, model 42-350Philco radio, model 42-350

Model 42-350 is a seven (7) tube superheterodyne radio designed for reception of standard, shortwave and Frequency Modulation broadcast stations, and the sound of a television program tuned in by special Philco Television Radios. The radio Incorporates six electric push-buttons for automatically tuning five stations in the standard broadcasting band. Philco built-in: low impedance loop aerial for reception of... read more >>

TV receiver "Moskvich-T1"TV receiver "Moskvich-T1"

Television receiver "Moskvich - T1" was intended to receive television signal in transmission standard definition 625 lines, as well as take broadcasters frequency modulation stations operating within the range of 45-47 MHz. With little alteration horizontal scanning it can be used for receiving images on the old standard (with decomposition at 343 lines). In addition, "T1-Moskvich" has jacks for connecting... read more >>

Homemade SW ConverterHomemade SW Converter

Several designs shortwave converters were invited by radio amateurs in 1930 - 1940 years. These converters have received very widespread and was very popular. The only downside, which is found in their design some hams - uncomfortable scale tuning. Ordinary limbs and vernier handles are uncomfortable "blind" scale. There are many shortwave radiostations, each of these stations is taken... read more >>

Radionette RadioRadionette Radio
1927 Foundation as Jan Wessel Radiofabrik Radionette. First Norwegian Radio for network operation. The first successful device was 1950 Kurer, a portable radio Network and Batteriebtrieb. The first fully transistorized radio was the Transi Kurer. Also portable Kobinationen with radio and record player, radio and tape recorder were produced. 1958 appeared a TV. 1972 after heavy losses... read more >>

Telefunken Radio ModelsTelefunken Radio Models
Telefunken radios are high quality and amazing capacity for work. Telefunken vacuum tubes works more than 70 years without losing their original characteristics. Currently, many radios, intercoms, gramophones from the war and postwar years, are still working as in the early years. Some fans and experts believe that the Telefunken's equipment sound is more quality, than modern audio. You... read more >>

Waldorp Fridor RadioWaldorp Fridor Radio
"Already in 1915, the first Waldorp radio devices on the market and since then, all experiences are incorporated in the devices of the new series. Waldorp - the Dutch Factory is proud to belong to the oldest radio factories and proud of his experiences. Tens of thousands of persons, who have Waldorp are excited about the reception, reliability, precise workmanship,... read more >>

Scott Phantom DeluxeScott Phantom Deluxe
Here is an exceptional custom-made all-wave receiver, combining amplitude and frequency modulation receiving systems, with a power output of up to 40 watts and a frequency range of 30 to 15,000 Hz! Its sound system therefore takes full advantage of F.M.'s hi-fi characteristic; the A.F. amplifier is particularly suitable for phonograph reproduction and includes a needle scratch suppressor system. Other... read more >>

Crosley Radio DesignCrosley Radio Design
Collector's have often acknowledged the association between automotive styling and radio design. The one company that accentuated this art perhaps more succinctly than any other manufacturer, must surely be the Crosley Radio Corporation of Ohio, U.S.A. Founded in 1921 by Powel Crosley (Snr), the company was set up following his discovery that radio sets of the day were too... read more >>

WW2 German RadiosWW2 German Radios

The People’s Radio (German Volksempfänger, Volks-Empfenger) is a unique, unparalleled program launched in Germany in 1933. We are talking about the manufacture of completely identical radios by different firms on the basis of a single design documentation and using the same parts and assemblies. Volksempfänger should have allowed every family to listen to the radio. The device cost 76 Reichsmarks... read more >>

Ekco Round RadiosEkco Round Radios

Essex, is an English county blessed with quite a number of radio manufacturers from the 1920's right through to the late 1960's One major factory was that of E.K.Cole, Priory Works, Priory Crescent, Southend on Sea. They had earlier manufactured from smaller premises at nearby Leigh-on-Sea, but with the burgeoning radio industry the new site was established.

Ekco are synomynous...

Fada "Bullet" RadiosFada "Bullet" Radios

Throughout the whole of the radio collecting world, the name "FADA" excites any serious collector's palate and especially for their range of catalin products, and particulary those sets popularised as "Fada Bullets", or less frequently, "Fada Streamliners". Before covering these wonderful looking radios, let's examine the company's history.

FADA was founded as F.A.D Andrea in New York,... read more >>

Philips "Plano" RadiosPhilips "Plano" Radios

Why telling a story about plano's on a website? Real radio collectors concentrate on prewar sets or don't they? No they don't. At least not all of them. If your (grand) parents lived in the Netherlands in the sixties, chances are great the radio they had in the living room can be found on one of these pages. I... read more >>