Trademark Korting

The Körting company (Leipzig) started with arc lamps, then also produced transformers, in 1932 a straight receiver and in 1933 a real radio. After the war, they only wanted to be formally expropriated and just carry on as usual. Of course, this adventurous plan didn't work out, so it continued in Upper Bavaria in 1949, in Niederfels Castle near Marquartstein. 7 (!) new receivers were created and finally in 1952 Grassau could move into a new production facility. An exclusive contract with Josef Neckermann saved the company from going under, while technology was still so sophisticated that even Telefunken took over a circuit (for the music chest Salzburg II and any other). 30% were delivered to Neckermann, 40% abroad and the rest to other companies, including Rosita (1961 to 70 - by the way, that was an East Westphalian clay furniture manufacturer), Blaupunkt (1966 to 75), Siemens (1966 - 79) and Elac (1966 to 78). Incidentally, Electroakustic Kiel only produced turntables, the radios for which all came from Körting. In 1977, the shit really hit the spot, with the takeover by the Karstadt group (they had their own suppliers) they lost Neckermann. In 1978 Gorenje (an AEG-like company in YU) finally took over Körting and in 1983 the liquidation took place. However, the trademark rights remain with Gorenje (Slovenia).