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Attaching a Magic Eye to your Radio

Magic Eye in your RadioWith the finest radio receivers now featuring visual "Tuning eyes" you may have wished for such a device on your own receiver. Any receiver employing a diode secondary detector tube can be fitted with a tuning eye in a few minutes .

The tuning eye itself is nothing more than a type 6E5 tube readily obtainable at your nearest radio shop. Connected up to your receiver through 2 resistors and a condenser the "eye" will emit a fan shaped glow which at times will narrow down to a pin stripe. It is when you have adjusted your receiver so that the stripe is at its narrowest that the set is perfectly tuned.

The 6E5 tube is connected into the diode detector circuit of the receiver by means of a 6 wire cable. If desired the tube may be mounted inside the set, although it will prove just as effective if constructed in a box and located on top of the receiver. Secure a 6 prong wafer type socket and wire a 1-meg ohm carbon resistor to the "P" prong, a .01 mfd. condenser to the "K" prong and a 2-meg ohm carbon resistance to the "G" prong. After connecting resistors and condenser connect up the eye to the diode 2nd detector tube and the 6.5 volt filament supply. 6E5 Magic Eye indicator
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