Homemade SW Converter

Converter assembling

Converter mounted on the plywood panel of 6 - 8 mm. No screening in the converter is not used. This type of converters are not very sensitive to the capacitive effects, and provided a good grounding can work without screening.

Accommodation details and their combination are shown in the circuit diagram.

SW converter construction

Chassis dimensions: 220 x 160 mm. Height determined by the thickness biggest capacitors.
In both halves of the same drawing holes are indicated by the same numerals. In order to avoid cluttering the drawing, it is not shown rack which is fastened at the scale and the variable capacitor.
Power transformer is TS-26 from "LEMZO" factory, so it specially designed for use in converters.
Lamp socket is removed from the transformer and mounted near the transformer. If the kenotron panel leave on the transformer, the converter will be too high.

Arrangement of converter details does not play a particularly large role, and such placement can not strictly adhered to. Strengthening the variable capacitor is made by one of the metal racks and there is no difficulty. The illuminating scale lamp is powered by one winding of the converter with a lamp , i.e., on the bottom left of the winding.
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