German vacuum tubes

Deutsche vacuum tubes 1923-1932

The TELEFUNKEN company marking vacuum tubes for use in the receiving equipment, the letters RE, radio tubes for transmitters - the letters RV, and rectifying lamps - letters RG.

Old vacuum tubes from Germany If the designation was the third letter, the lamp with a large number of grids, it was the letter S, and the lamp with indirect heating - the letter N. However, the letter N on the third position was also used for marking rectifying lamps intended for use in power supplies.

The number at the end of the designation indicates the magnitude of the filament voltage, with the exception of lamps with consistent fervor.

Among the direct heating of tubes manufactured by TELEFUNKEN in the second and third decades of the XX century, including during the First World War, the best known lamps marked RE11, RE58, RE78 and RE84 with the filament voltage 4 V.

Later, it has been developed, for example, reinforcing the lamp types RE034 and RE074, terminal transistors RE114, RE134, RE304, RE604 and RE614, tetrode RES094, as well as terminal pentodes RES164, RES174d, RES364, RES374, RES664 and RES964.

Among the lamps from TELEFUNKEN should also be noted rectifiers RGN1504, RGN2004, RGN1304, RGN2005 and RGN1503.

In the early 30s many network receivers were completed, in addition to some of these lamps also triode RF REN904, bass and triodes RENS1284 REN914, respectively HF and LF tetrodes RENS1214 and RENS1204, and HF pentode pentode RENS1224 and terminal RENS1374d.

Combined lamps were presented, for example, tetroddiodami RENS1254 and RENS1854, and multigrid lamp hexode RENS1834, RENS1224 and RENS1234.

1923 1924 1925
RE11 Telefunken tube RRF Triode 201B Telefunken RE064
Telefunken triode RE11
tungsten filament
RRF triode 201B
tungsten filament.
From the Radio Röhren
Fabrik in Hamburg,
a year later - the company VALVO
Telefunken Triode RE064
thoriated tungsten thread
1926 1927 1928
Loewe 3NF Telefunken triode RE134 Telefunken triode REN 1104
Loewe triple tube 3NF
To ​​save delivery costs,
which you had to pay
per Röhrensockel used to
Telefunken, integrated Loewe
3 or 2 tubes with the
2HF in a flask.
Telefunken triode RE134,
barium oxide
Telefunken triode REN 1104
Indirect Heating Bariumdampf - cathode
1928 1929 1930
RE 604 RES094 RES164
Telefunken triode RE 604.
Bariumdampf - cathode
Telefunken screen grid tube RES094.
Bariumdampf - cathode
Telefunken screen grating end
RES164 Bariumdampf - cathode
1931 1932 1932
RENS 1284 Loewe mixing tube 2HMD Telefunken RES 964
Telefunken Pentode RENS1284
Loewe mixing tube 2HMD,
used in Loewe Super32 until 1934
there were from Telefunken the ACH1
Telefunken pentode RES964

German Post Tubes

1926 1929
Siemens BO BA
Siemens BO built in 1926 as a successor
to the BE is considered a prototype
German commercial tubes
BA end 20s as a successor to the BO built

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