Restoration of the Dresner SW converter

Dresner short wave converter restoration

Author: Edgardo Castro Bruse
Author: YS1ECB
Calle Loma Linda
Residencial Loma Linda casa No. 4
Col. San Benito.
San Salvador. El Salvador.

San Salvador June 17, 2012


I bought the Dresner SW Converter sometime in 2006 from an ebay seller. As the bidding process was going on I did some research, and found that the so called Dresner SW Converter was not a frequency converter. Instead it was a one tube SW Regenerative Radio Detector. This motivated me to buy it, and I bought it for a nominal price, because nobody else bided on it. A few months later, someone else was selling another Dresner just like mine, but this one in mint almost new condition with a new set of original coils. I saved all the pictures, and a friend of mine used them to print the five faces of the Dresner's metal box using a TRANSPARENT paper with self-adhesive surface. So I could cover my Dresner's box, and make it look as a new item with its beautiful original ornaments! Unfortunately the prints came a bit too large and I could not use them.

My friend, who is also an artist, promised to hand-paint the ornaments, but since he is always too busy it never became a reality. I had already disassembled it, and the poor Dresner, in pieces, was kept in a box until the 21st of February 2012, when I started its restoration. In 2006 I had already reconstructed its grid leak resistance!

Dresner SW Converter before restoration Dresner SW Converter before

The apparatus was badly rusted and its paint very deteriorated as can be seen from the pictures shown below. Its electrical circuit was made from flat copper strips joined together by means of rivets most of them making false contacts .Due to this , every joint was re-soldered and a ground bus wire interconnected all ground points to prevent any future problems. This precaution really pay off because, now the Dresner can be enjoyed due to its excellent mechanical stability. Please click on images to enlarge.

Dresner SW converter restoration Dresner SW chassis Dresner SW converter parts Dresner SW parts

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