Telefunken "Condor" 965WK

German tube radios

It is known, Germany in 30-40 years has a high level of development in many areas of technology. The interest represent the two largest companies for the production of electronic components, electronic communications, radios, radios and amplifiers - the company "Telefunken" and "Siemens".

The history of the company "Telefunken" started in May 27, 1903. Then the company called "Telefunken Systemtechnik GmbH" and began its journey as an affiliate of the company "Siemens & Halske AG" in the field of wireless telephony. "Telefunken" company is famous throughout the world revolutionary inventions in the field of electron tubes. Over time, "Telefunken" increasing experience in the production of radios and audio-recordings.

Radios "Telefunken" from the Second World War still considered the best. In these receivers are used on the company developed a series of tubes EF, EBH, ECH. These lamps were famous for exceptional reliability and durability, demonstrating the stability characteristics.

Loudspeakers "Telefunken", issued in those years, also earned the most appreciated professionals.

For example, at an international audioexibition in 70 years Raymond Cook ("KEF") said that in his youth, he designed sound system, which uses 300-millimeter speakers "Telefunken" (with a bias).

Incidentally, the chassis of certain models of radios "Telefunken" the issuance of 30-40-ies are not made of steel, as usual, but because of expensive wood!

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