Homemade SW Converter

Homemade SW Tube Converter

Several designs shortwave converters were invited by radio amateurs in 1930 - 1940 years. These converters have received very widespread and was very popular. The only downside, which is found in their design some hams - uncomfortable scale tuning. Ordinary limbs and vernier handles are uncomfortable "blind" scale. There are many shortwave radiostations, each of these stations is taken at two positions of the rotary knob, besides stations are not evenly distributed across the entire range, and grupped on some of its sectors. So, remembering those divisions of the scale on which the station can be heard, is very difficult, graduating at the same converter stations at such small size scales, which are obtained by using said pens - almost impossible.

Homemade converter

Because of this, to converter has to be more convenient to handle, its scale should be much larger.
Homemade vernier mechanisms operate satisfactorily on long and medium wave, but on short wave their mechanical properties in most cases are not satisfactory. Therefore, in this construction used vernier scale from dual capacitors unit from "Radiofront" factory. This mechanism works satisfactorily and has a large scale, very convenient to the stations calibrate.

Homemade SW converter chassis frontview Homemade SW converter chassis backview

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