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Philips dial lamps

This page contains the data of all scale lighting lamps that are used in the common radios. Original Philips numbering has been preserved. (First column.) Then the voltage and the current follow. An image of the lamp is included in the fourth column. Bulbs with an "N" after the type number have a bayonet fitting (BA9s), those with the letter "D" have a screw fitting (E10). There is also a difference between tubular pears and spherical pears, see the images.

Type number voltage (V) current (A) Bulb type Radio type
7111D 2,5 0,10 B5CA19T, B5CA29T, B5CA39T, B5CA49T
7121D 6,0 0,05 A5X93A, B5X34A, B5X43A, B5X44A, B5X54A, B6X34A, B6X43A, B6X44A, B6X45A, B7X43A, B7X44A, B7X45A, B8X44A
7994N 7,2 0,10 AG9013, A5X83A
8009D 6,3 0,25 B3X40U, B3X45U, B4X45A, B5X34A, B5X45A, B6X34A, B6X44A, B7X14A, B7X43A, B7X44A, B8X44A
8024D 6,3 0,30 22RB463, B4X47A, B5X21A, B5X23A, B5X42A, B5X43A, B5X44A, B5X54A, B6X04A, B6X12A, B6X15A, B6X23A, B6X25A, B6X43A, B6X45A, B7X43A
8024N 6,3 0,30 BX642A, B4X02A, B4X12A, B4X23A, B5X04A, B5X62A, B5X74A, B5X84A, B5X94A, B6X62A, B6CA86A, B6CA97A, B6X94A, B6X04A, B6CA37A, B6CA57A, 15RB677, 15RB697, B7X94A, B7X14A, B7X73A, B7X83A, B8X72A
8045D 6,3 0,32 B5X97A, B5S12A, B5CA17A, B5CA37A, B5CA47A, B5CA57A, B6N13A, B7X45A, 15RB708, B8D42AS, B8X52A
8073D 6,3 0,10 B5S12A
????D 7,0 0,30 B4A13A

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