Restoration of the Stewart-Warner R-113 Shortwave Converter

R-113: introduction & cabinet restoration

Author: Edgardo Castro Bruse
Author: YS1ECB
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Residencial Loma Linda casa No. 4
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San Salvador. El Salvador.

San Salvador , August 6 , 2010

Between 1931 and 1934 Stewart-Warner made at least four models of shortwave converters. All of which had the same basic design.
The most important differences were:

  a) The kind of tubes used.
  b)The way the filaments were fed.
  c) The kind of band switch used. The band switch used by the R-113 is by far superior to the one used by the 301-A, and even to the ones used in modern receivers!

It is worth mentioning that the R-113 has its scale calibrated in meters for wavelength, while the 301-A has only a logging scale.
The 301-A is slightly more sensitive, for it has an antenna compensator. But it is a real pleasure to operate the R-113 for it is a single tunning knob unit.
Based on the tube types, band switch, and calibrated tunning scale I have concluded that the R-113 came out after the 301-A.

Cabinet restoration

The cabinet of the R-113 was in very good condition given its age, about 78 years or so.
So I decided to just put it under the sun, for a few minutes, with the hope that some bacteria will get kill this way. Then I dusted it off and reglued the corners of the front veneer to the cabinet.
Stewart-Warner R-113 cabinet restoration

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