Radionette Radio

Radionette radios

Radiofabrik Radionette1927 Foundation as Jan Wessel Radiofabrik Radionette.
First Norwegian Radio for network operation.
The first successful device was 1950 Kurer, a portable radio Network and Batteriebtrieb.
The first fully transistorized radio was the Transi Kurer.
Also portable Kobinationen with radio and record player, radio and tape recorder were produced.
1958 appeared a TV.
1972 after heavy losses from last 3.7 million DM per annum over by Tandberg.
In 1975, the name Radionette disappears.
Radionette Menuett

Radionette Junior

Small table radio. No battery connection, this model was driven solely by net-electricity.
Junior front Junior back
Scale, On/Off and volume control, Selectors for different wavelength regions, The back and Description of the antenna input
The tuning capacitors and the entrance tube

Radionette Kurer

Norway's most durable radio through the ages. It was both mains and battery operated, and could keep up with everywhere, the ski trail, in the mountains and in the cottage.
Front Back
Information sign with serial numbers (above the voltage selector) metal label Stamp Brand with fee Paper label
Battery Connector ANODE BATTERY connector Electron tubes with charge brand vacuum tube
Bottom view bottom Radionette schematic diagram. Model Kurer

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