TV receiver "Moskvich-T1"

TV set Moskvich - T1

Television receiver "Moskvich - T1" was intended to receive television signal in transmission standard definition 625 lines, as well as take broadcasters frequency modulation stations operating within the range of 45-47 MHz. With little alteration horizontal scanning it can be used for receiving images on the old standard (with decomposition at 343 lines). In addition, "T1-Moskvich" has jacks for connecting the adapter to play gramophone records.

TV Moskvich-T1, released in 1946 was the first Soviet television, which was first used standard definition 625 lines. While none of the countries did not have the device with a high-definition image.

TV consists of separate blocks: the video signal receiver, audio unit, rectifier unit and scanner. The first three blocks located in the bottom part, the scanner located above kinescope. Modular design facilitates repairs TV. Breakdown of construction blocks made with the calculation of the feasibility independent adjustment and control of each unit. The total number of lamps in the "Moskvich-T1" TV receiver (including kinescope) - 21 pcs.

Moskvich - T1 TV set There are:
  1. UPCHZ 1 on the lamp L1 - 6ZH4 (6AC7);
  2. UPCHZ on the lamp 2 A2 - 6ZH4 (6AC7);
  3. Limiter the lamp L3 - 6ZH8 (6SJ7);
  4. Frequency detector lamp on P4 - 6H6S ;
  5. Preliminary ULF on the lamp L5 - 6ZH8 (6SJ7);
  6. Power amp low-frequency lamp L6 - 6P3S ;
  7. UHF lamp L7 - 6ZH4 (6AC7);
  8. Mixer lamp L8 - 6ZH4 (6AC7);
  9. UPCHI 1 on the lamp L9 - 6ZH4 (6AC7);
  10. UPCHI - 2 lamp K10 - 6ZH4 (6AC7);
  11. VMD on the lamp L11 - 6H6S;
  12. Video amplifier terminal on the lamp A12 - 6P9 (6AG7);
  13. Heterodyne on the lamp L13 - 6S2S (6J5);
  14. High voltage rectifier on the lamp L13 - 2TS2S (879);
  15. Rectifiers rectifier lamp L15 - 5TS3S (5U4G);
  16. Driver stage line scan on the lamp L16 - 6N7S;
  17. Horizontal deflection output stage on the lamp L17 - G-411;
  18. Damper on the lamp L18 - 5TS4S (5U4G);
  19. Master oscillator vertical deflection on the lamp L19 - 6N7S;
  20. Vertical output stage on the lamp L20 - G-411;
  21. Kinescope - 18LK15 (LC-715a).

Radiochannels collected superheterodyne circuit with separate amplification to intermediate frequency signals, the picture and sound.
Image size on the screen of the kinescope 18LK15 100 x 130 mm.
The device is designed to receive the first TV channel and radio stations with frequency modulation in the range of 45-47 MHz.
Sensitivity TV input impedance 75 ohms channel images are 500 mcV, not worse 400 mcV at sound channel. Actual sensitivity of the TV receiver signal TV image was about 800 mcV, which boosts the TV-centre within 30-10 km. Receiver bandwidth - 50 to 3 000 000 Hz at strengthening within the band about +/-2 dB.
Vertical scanning nonlinearity practically absent.
Stability of synchronization in rows and Personnel nice. Horizontal resolution in the center of at least 400 lines.
–°onsumption is 250 watts.
External dimensions: 560 mm x 350 mm x 405 mm.
Weight: 33 kg.

Moskvich-T1 TV set Moskvich-T1 construction
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