Waldorp Fridor Radio

Waldorp & Fridor Wooden Radios

Waldorp Radiofabrik"Already in 1915, the first Waldorp radio devices on the market and since then, all experiences are incorporated in the devices of the new series.

Waldorp - the Dutch Factory is proud to belong to the oldest radio factories and proud of his experiences. Tens of thousands of persons, who have Waldorp are excited about the reception, reliability, precise workmanship, tone of devices and Waldorp service.

That is Waldorp Tradition

The Series 1939 continues this tradition worthily continues. The new program includes products for every budget and every taste. Even the Small World is Super, like its big brother equipped with ultra shortwave, so receipt world. His tone and finish are equally cared for and also has this device, like the other, a luxury WOODEN cabinet.

Thereby Waldorp is responding to the desire of all listeners: a very inexpensive to own Super luxury performance that meets all technical requirements. With many new inventions in radio in this area new devices into account. Radio World Machine is the newest of the new.

A gentle finger pressure on one of the buttons and the vernier glide noiselessly, motor-driven, to the desired station.

And if the radio receiver is in you home and you play your favorite opera, hear your favorite concert - you enjoy the wonderful view and the realistic tone. You think you own the opera is and forget that a radio plays at the note can recognize Waldorp."


Fridor 214 radio"The name Fridor has gradually become a household name for fine, exclusive radio sets. The new series 1952, which is being released today, will confirm the excellent professional, who enjoys Fridor to the critical and discerning listeners. These distinguished aircraft will be particularly appreciated by those who are sound sensitive. Because Fridor is synonymous with perfect sound. Precisely herein has Fridor specialized. The beautiful, warm sound is not only due to sound technical perfection, but also to the particular characteristics of the special sound timber, where it all appliances are manufactured. The implementation was elegant and grand. The not too tight architecture, beautiful flamed wood tones and luxurious details make each Fridor, including in terms of its appearance, a rich possession.

Because of the great concern, that are given to all Fridor devices, can be of any type, only a limited number will be built. A Fridor do so will always remain a rare appearance, an enviable possession which not many will be able to boast. The new Fridor series 1952 is the crowning glory of Dutch radio builders who can boast an experience of 27 years.

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