If you receive the parcel with an old radio

A few useful tips for collectors, beginners who buy tube radios on eBay auction. These recommendations can be useful in the preparation of parcels with old radio:

preparation of parcels with old radio
  • Do not pull the radio receiver out of the box for the top cover, but lift the his bottom (base);
  • Remove bubble wrap from the radios cabinet by your hands, do not use a stationery knife and scissors;
  • If necessary, remove the packing materials from the body of the receiver, not to damage the mounting wires, coil windings circuits, radio and speaker cone;
  • Inspect the parts inside the receiver visually and make sure that all radio tubes are inserted into sockets tight and straight out, and the contact caps on the tubes are in their places;
  • Make sure that the power switch is in the "off" position and the volume control output in minimum position;
  • Connect the receiver to the power grid, switch it on and let it warm up 40-60 seconds, then turn the volume on the third turn and tune in to a station;
  • Undesirable to use the old radio in rooms, where fluorescent lamps works, microwave oven, computers, etc. noise sources, because it may interfere with the radio;
  • Use your radio no more than 2 consecutive hours. Even if it has been refurbished, old radio receiver has a lot of old parts that can quickly get out of order from extreme heating;
  • After turning off, disconnect the power cord from the mains;
  • Remember that old radios, whether it was restored or not, inherent risk of electric shock associated with its constructive features, age, and high voltage.