AWA Radiolette model33 1936

AWA Radiolette model33 1936

The Radiolette model 33 was introduced in 1936 it is a dual wave receiver for local interstate and overseas reception.

Designed so Australian's could listen to Cricket commentaries live from the UK, NZ and South Africa. (local broadcasters simulated commentaries, with announcers tapping pencils on the desk to simulate the sound of willow hitting ball - weird but true)

Very dramatic in the black cabinet with green fret and feet and aeroplane dial

Two types of feet can be found, a simple stepped style and corrugated style.

More commonly found in brown cabinet and with white/brown mottled fret and feet, it is also (very rarely) found with a black cabinet with white/black mottled fret and feet - usually in a battery single wave configuration model 35B.