Tube radios repair technology

If you want to repair and build your antique tube radio, there are a description of the repair technology, spent the years.
technology of repair tube radios

  • Disassembly of the chassis.
  • Removing dust and dirt from the chassis and radio components.
  • Cleaning the variable capacitor and lamp panels compressed air at a pressure of 6 atmospheres.
  • Removal of dust and dirt inside the case.
  • Checking all the resistors for signs of overheating.
  • Replacing all paper capacitors.
  • Replacement of defective electrolytic capacitors.
  • Checking the status/replacement of rubber grommets (rings) on the chassis.
  • Check the integrity of the insulation/replacement of damaged equipment wires.
  • Test/restore reliability of electrical contact points of the chassis ground.
  • Checking/replacing the power cord and plug.
  • Test/restore reliability electrical contact sockets mains fuse.
  • Replacing blown bulbs lighting scale.
  • Replacing worn or torn thread vernier scale devices.
  • Cleaning and lubrication of variable capacitors and other parts of vernier devices, as well as moving parts of switches and toggles.
  • Cleaning the switch contacts.
  • Restoring contact runners potentiometers adjust the volume and tone controls to eliminate cod when adjusting.
  • Data Checking/replacement of vacuum tubes.
  • Checking the power supply.
  • Check Modes of electron tubes.
  • Full customization of the radio-frequency path, paths of intermediate and low frequency.
  • Checking the speaker cone for signs of damage, misalignment of suspension, the integrity of the voice coil and the exciter coil.
  • Checking the insulation resistance of the power transformer using megohmmeter.
  • Outdoor enclosure cleaning, key switches and knobs controls.
  • Setting the chassis body.
  • Run for several days.